Bose 700 Headphones after a couple of weeks

TL;DR – Still a “Wow!” from me.

After a week of using the 700s on the work commute (2.5 hours each way) there was still some charge left in them – which is a very plus point as far as I’m concerned.

The sound quality is still outstanding across the very wide array of my musical tastes – you name it, it’s in my music library. And all faithfully reproduced in great clarity.

I had a flick through the Bose community forum to see if there was anything that I should be worried about. I’m not too concerned about not being able to hard-toggle between various paired devices, neither the hand-off between devices – as I tend to listen through my iPhone and, for the reason below, use a wired headset on my Surface Book 2 for conferencing.

There are numerous complaints about the way that the 700s interact with Windows 10 on Surface Book 2s and, in my experience, that is to be expected. For the best part of three grand’s worth of computer, Microsoft put the most shiate bluetooth chip in that they could find. My Plantronics used to cut in and out on a regular basis (hence going back to wired), they also caused mass destruction in group conferences. I’ve binned the Microsoft ( <—– Yes, Microsoft) Sculpt mouse because anything bluetooth near by would corrupt the signal. All in all, Surface Book 2 + anything bluetooth = total disaster.

Shame on you Microsoft.

The 700s are supremely comfortable to wear – including over a baseball cap – and the ear cups are very comfortable for long-term wearing.

The carry case is really helpful and, if it’s raining, I can happily lob the 700s into my rucksack knowing that they won’t be destroyed.

Is it all grand then? Not completely!

Minor gripe: Yes, the ANC does appear to occasionally enhance wind-noise. It’s not a show-stopper by any means but, due to their otherwise flawless performance, it’s noticeable.

Major gripe: I think that the planet is in agreement that the Bose Music app is an absolute bag of nails. I really struggle to find any justification for it’s existence other than Bose harvesting personal information.

It constantly tells me that I need to connect to the internet (this whilst streaming internet vibes through the 700s).

It is constantly dropping the connection to the 700s (fine still through the native iPhone connection)

It randomly decides to switch the Alexa wake-word setting off.

It’s basically a solution looking for a problem – but causing problems just by it’s mere existence.

Thankfully, the 700s work happily through the native iPhone interface, so this isn’t really causing me any issues directly – it’s just that the app is so poor that just know that it exists is offensive.

When it may become a huge problem is if I ever need to re-set things up on an aircraft – or somewhere else that requires airplane mode. This is because Bose Music is required to do this, and Bose Music has to be connected to the internet to work.

So, all-in-all, the 700s are a staggering piece of kit, let down only by a woeful Bose Music app.

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