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It’s baaaaaack!

I couldn’t let the domain of the century be snapped up by someone else, and it’s just not the same posting stuff on Facebook when I can ramble like a lunatic in my own space.

So what went on last year? Loads. Absolutely loads.

  • I flew a Spitfire! Yes. I really flew a Spitfire. ↑
  • We finally got round to joining Phyllis Court. ↑
  • Gina and Laila got around to moving out in the Autumn and are now in Woodcote. →
  • The Jenster still thrives with Bental. ↑
  • There’s one less person in the family. ↓
  • Jules and I discovered the Isles of Scilly. ↑
  • I gained a car in the nick of time due to one of the above. →
  • Work was mental. →
  • …… so my exercise went through the floor. ↓
  • I had an epiphany on the last day of the year. ↑
  • I re-invented my wardrobe. ↑
  • We have central heating! ↑
  • …. and a new kitchen. ↑
  • Sad-lad is, effectively, no more. ↑
  • Explaining many things, I discovered that I am autistic. →
  • There are still no houses built in the fields behind us. ↑
  • I made no trips to Canada. ↓
  • The year appears to have flown by in about three weeks. ↓
  • The Tuns was vacated by Mark and Sandra. ↑
  • … and taken over by James who transformed the place. ↑
  • … only to be binned by the cretins at Brakespeare. ↓
  • I bought loads of new gadgets. ↑

And I’m sure an absolute shed-load more, but my focus now is on 2019.

Not to say that I’m not going to have a retro-ramble about a bunch of things that happened/arrived in 2018.

I need to finish configuring the rest of the site …… pip, pip for now!