New bits of kit for the Thames Path Challenge

As you can imagine, I’ve been buying bits and pieces to help me through what promises to be quite an unusual challenge during this year’s Thames Path 100KM Challenge.

I’ve already got plenty of bits and pieces that I have accumulated over the years, two of which – the Salamon Sky 45 that I got in Courtenay last time I was over, and the Platypus Big Zip three litre bladder.

Enhancing all this has been a voyage of discovery!

  • Quick Energy – Little bottles of pure “wake me up and keep going” that worked a treat on the night time trek. Each bottle seemed to give an instant boost that lasted about forty-five minutes.
  • Clif Builder’s Protein Bar – Another great find. Small, easy to carry and packing an almost immediate punch of energy that picked me up pretty quickly as I struggled on the first 50KM training walk.
  • SIS Electrolyte Sports Fuel – Pretty expensive but made a change to getting bored of the “taste” of water. To be honest, the stuff tastes pretty weird – and I can’t confirm whether it does anything over and above water. I will be taking the rest of it with me for the last 50KM though.
  • Inov-8 Rocklite 295 – Quite simply the best pair of sports shoes that I have ever purchased. Full stop. Incredibly light, comfortable, amazing grip, breathe well and very sturdy. The only thing that may potentially be wrong with them – and only time will tell – is that they may wear a bit where the toe folds during activity. That said, I have covered hundreds of miles in them during training.
  • Boots Medicated Talc – No need for a link there, as it’s pretty self-explanatory. Simply put that, during longer and hotter walks – or long walks in the rain – a certain chaffing would occur. A £1.50 solution to that problem.
  • Bag Balm – When the talc can’t cut it, this stuff – originally created (I believe) for farmers to soothe the udders of cows – goes all the way. A tiny little tin of pure relief.
  • Fenix E35 (and 3.7v 18650 rechargeable batteries) – One battery lasted the entire night flicking between 225 and 50 lumens of light. This little torch can actually go eighteen hours at fifty lumens, is drop proof, water proof, fits in your pocket and weighs next to nothing. At around thirty quid, what’s not to like.

Not an exhaustive list, as many of the items I’m using/carrying I’ve had a good while. However, these key new items I thoroughly recommend.

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