Escape is useless

I went back to Apple.

After all the effort of going Samsung, it’s just not as good as the Apple experience. So ….

Gear Fit Pro 2 – turned into a 44mm Apple Watch 4.

Tab 4 – turned into an iPad Mini 5 (to be fair, I always promised myself that – when Apple released a Mini that you could write on, then I’d be first in line)

Galaxy Note 9 – turned into an XS Max

Am I proud of myself?

Hell yeah.

(Kept the Surface Book 2 though – it’s bloody amazing)

Oh yes!

I’m in the only sane pub in the wasteland of Brentford (twinned with the Gaza Strip)


“How did you get on in Antarctica Bunny? Did you get decent food?”

I’ll leave that there.

I can be calm (ish)

Wandered back from the England game – as we’re clearly going to win it.

Three lads lined up on the top of Gainsborough Hill ready to skateboard down.

One clipped me on the pavement, the other two decided to use the road and scatter cars.

End of. And only using my voice (and height, and slightly deranged appearance) They meekly apologised.

Very politely.

Job done.